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Custom House Brokerage

As logistics expert, GALIN LOGISTICS fully understand intricacies of a global supply chain are compounded by the need for fast customs clearance and security compliance. The impact that delays in border clearances can have on your business. So, we harness our deep expertise, extensive resources, vast networks and strong relationships to make sure your international shipment clears customs and quarantine barriers as smoothly and quickly as possible, Whether you import or export goods, we have a wide range of services that match your supply chain. Choose from options to prepare and process declarations, calculate duties and taxes, and organise inspections. That’s why it’s more important than ever to partner with a company that has the international reach, the experience, and the communications network necessary to expedite clearance, these challenges and deliver customized solutions that ensure your transactions are timely, compliant and confidential. And by combining our Air Freight Forwarding , Origin Cargo Management , Ocean Freight Forwarding or even Road Transportation into with our Customs House Brokerage service, we will be able to build the best possible solution tailored to your needs.