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GALIN LOGISTICS has been designing and managing end-to-end services that combine the separate strengths of air, sea, road and inland waterways transportation, with high visibility. Fully integrated to maximize efficiencies, while cutting costs and protecting the natural environment. we offer intermodal and multimodal services for international freight transportation. The decision of why you choose one mode vs another depends on several factors such as whether the shipper wants to have multiple independent contracts with multiple carriers, the total cost difference between both options, how it affects inventory turns and costs, the time savings involved in each mode for both transportation of the cargo and administrative coordination, the environmental impact of one mode over another, and how it alters or affects the paperwork involved in the shipment. Please discuss which option is best for you with Us, We can combine transport modes across our network to carry cargo by air, road, rail and sea – delivering flexible, cost effective freight transport solutions for our customers.